Training Your Medical Cannabis Dispensary Employees

Medical cannabis dispensaries in Mississippi are governed by the Mississippi Department of Revenue. MDOR has allocated enforcement responsibilities to the Alcoholic Beverage Control, which regulates alcoholic beverages in Mississippi. The ABC division is currently accepting applications from qualified individuals. Dispensary workers must:

  1. Be at least 21 years old
  2. Not have a disqualifying felony offense
  3. Complete eight hours of training
  4. Complete five hours of training annually to retain their permit

As stated, dispensary workers are required to have eight hours of training to obtain their worker permits. After the first year, workers are required to have five hours of training to retain their worker status. The ABC has provided three hours of training for dispensary workers, including training on MDOR rules and regulations and Metrc, Mississippi’s seed-to-sale tracking system. All dispensaries must develop the remaining five hours of training to offer their employees. Employees will then be required to attest that they have received the required training.

Dispensaries must include the following while training their employees:

  1. Proper handling of cannabis products
  2. Proper storage of cannabis products
  3. Security requirements relating to the sale of cannabis products
  4. Maximum MMCEU sales per patient
  5. Carding techniques
  6. Restrictions on providing medical advice
  7. Other miscellaneous topics regarding compliance with the facilities’ obligations as a licensed Mississippi medical cannabis dispensary

If you own or operate a dispensary and have any questions regarding training your employees, call HAT Law’s Medical Cannabis Legal Team.

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