Hagwood & Tipton attorneys are experienced in the interpretation and application of state-specific rent-to-own laws, representing over fifty of the most successful and profitable rental companies in the United States.

By implementing profit maximization strategies, we help our clients turn lost profits into earned profits through litigation management protocols and collection strategies. Our attorneys’ vast network of legal and collection professionals creates a structure that allows us to maximize the profitability of income-producing property for our clients regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.

Our basic philosophy is based on practical steps to reduce lost income to the rental company, reclaim income-producing property to inventory, leverage the time-value of money, and maximize profitability from the income-producing asset. Which means our clients can expect comprehensive service, value-oriented strategies and profit maximization techniques not found anywhere else in the industry.

Rent-to-Own Services

  • Profit Maximization Strategies
  • Contract Development and Drafting
  • Interpretation of Rental Purchase Laws
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Collections
  • Customer Bankruptcy Proceedings