Premises Liability and Hospitality Law

Hagwood & Tipton attorneys provide services to shops, restaurants, casinos, and other entertainment venues who open their doors to the general public. We have taken the litigation strategies developed through years of medical and professional liability claims and applied them in the business context, providing effective results in defending clients against claims made by customers, vendors, or other members of the public.

With early, thorough investigations, our attorneys obtain as much information regarding the condition of the premises and the facts surrounding the incident as quickly as possible. Even with staff turnover that is common in the hospitality industry, we utilize our large southeastern footprint to locate former employees or other witnesses who may have otherwise gone unfound.

Our wealth of courtroom experience explaining complicated cases to juries has led to our attorneys developing effective trial strategies that help the jury see things from the perspective of the business owner, who may be completely unaware of any potential problem.

Premises Liability and Hospitality Law Services

Hagwood & Tipton’s attorneys have experience and provide the following litigation services:

  • Premises Liability
  • Dram Shop
  • Ordinary Negligence
  • Employment Discrimination Claims


Hagwood & Tipton’s attorneys have experience and also provide the following non-litigation services:

  • Policies and procedures for service of alcohol
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Premises risk assessments
  • Employment policy risk assessments