Healthcare Litigation

The attorneys of Hagwood & Tipton are experienced litigators who fight for health care providers across the nation. Whether you are in the middle of contract disputes, employment litigation, government compliance issues or medical malpractice suits, our respected health care law attorneys will vigorously represent you in court.

Our unique skill sets allow us to have an extensive understanding of the federal and state health care laws that affect your health care facility.

Healthcare Litigation

General Litigation and Healthcare Representation

No matter what type of litigation you are in need of, our knowledgeable and proven attorneys have the skills required to assist you. We are constantly following new releases in the law and use this knowledge to build the best case possible depending on your situation. You can rely on our courtroom experience to defend your rights.

Respected Litigators — Serving Your Health Care Facility Needs

Transactions entered into by doctors, nurses and other health care providers are similar to those other individuals may enter into, but there are unique aspects of health care transactions that require the trained eye of a seasoned health care attorney to properly understand specific health care laws and their impact on your agreements. If your past transactions have led to disputes requiring litigation, we will provide you with aggressive and competent representation.

We handle all types of healthcare disputes, including:

-Contract dispute litigation
-Fraud or abuse litigation
-Employment litigation
-Insurance litigation
-Medical malpractice litigation
-Corporate litigation
-Regulatory compliance litigation

Medicare and Medicaid Issues

Medicare and Medicaid fraud are tightly monitored by government agencies. It is critical to have a healthcare law firm in your corner that can provide you with up-to-date information regarding the most recent changes in both state and federal laws. Our healthcare attorneys will keep you abreast of any changes in the law and work to ensure you and your organization are fully protected.