Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

At Hagwood & Tipton, our healthcare attorneys offer detailed guidance to all healthcare providers such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and private practitioners. Whether you are being audited by the government or need to disclose instances of fraud by an employee, we know how to pursue the best course of action.

Violations of Medicare and Medicaid or other government healthcare guidelines can quickly lead to hefty fines and extensive sanctions. The guidance of an experienced lawyer can be vital for avoiding these sanctions and for avoiding further government oversight and regulatory supervision. Contact our law firm for a no-obligation consultation to learn how we can solve your problems.

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Lawyers

Fraud and Abuse Audit Attorneys

Our experience allows us to offer advice during audits and investigations to help you avoid hefty fines and criminal penalties. We deal with the Department of Justice, the Office of the Inspector General and the FBI on your behalf, so you can continue to successfully operate your healthcare business.

During our years in practice, we have dealt with a large number of fraud and abuse cases, allowing us to offer advice on a variety of situations, including:

-Self-disclosure of internally discovered fraud
-Medicare and Medicaid overpayment
-Noncompliance issues
-RAC, MAC, MIC, ZPIC and UPIC audits
-Corporate integrity agreements
-Stark or anti-kickback law violations
-Fraud or abusive acts committed by employees
-Appeals of government-imposed fines and sanctions

Our work is designed to help you avoid or minimize government sanctions and government exclusions from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.