Employment Liability

With a goal of helping employers avoid litigation through timely advice and training on the myriad laws and regulations, our team can provide advice in every aspect of the employment relationship. This includes hiring and contractual issues, employee compensation and benefits, policy and procedure review and drafting, leave issues and discipline and termination issues.

When litigation cannot be avoided, or for clients who find themselves the target of an investigation by a governmental agency, our employment liability lawyers have years of experience working with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor and OSHA. Whether it’s a collective action or a small single-plaintiff case, we’ve got a wide range of expertise.

Employment Liability Services

Our attorneys have experience in advising employers in all aspects of the employment litigation, including but not limited to:

-Federal, state and local employment discrimination laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, age, gender, national origin, disability, religion and other protected categories
-Wage and hour compliance, including but not limited to white-collar exemptions, minimum wage requirements, off-the-clock work, child labor laws and all types of wage payment issues
-Sexual harassment or harassment based on any protected category
-Family and Medical Leave Act, USERRA and other leave laws
-Americans With Disabilities Act cases involving discrimination and reasonable accommodations
-Retaliation and whistleblower claims under both federal and state law
-Unfair labor practices claims, employee arbitrations and employee relations issues under the National Labor Relations Act
-Occupational Safety and Health Act, workers compensation and workplace safety issues
-WARN Act and other issues related to the closedown of employer operations or facilities
-Employee privacy issues including HIPAA, GINA and other federal and state law
-Responding to governmental investigations by the EEOC, DOL, OSHA, NLRB and other governmental entities
-Employee drug testing plans and related issues
-ERISA litigation
-Section 1983 and other civil rights litigation
-Non-competition agreement drafting and litigation
-Employment-related immigration issues
-Unemployment compensation hearings and advice

Our attorneys also frequently provide the following non-litigation services to employers:

-Counseling and advice on all aspects of the employer-employee relationship
-Employer handbook preparation and review
-Management and employee training
-Non-compete, arbitration and employment contract drafting
-Mediation and conflict resolution services