Corporate Compliance

When operating or creating a healthcare entity, it is vital to adhere to all government regulations and guidelines. To properly address all government regulatory issues, it is necessary to have a detailed corporate compliance plan to ensure you and your organization follow state and federal laws while providing high-quality healthcare services.

At Hagwood & Tipton, our corporate compliance attorneys offer support to hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care entities, home health agencies, hospices, therapy companies, medical clinics and private physician and medical practices. With a detailed knowledge of government regulations, Medicare and Medicaid payment claims, hospital law and other health law issues, we are confident in helping you create the most effective corporate compliance plan possible. Contact our law firm for a consultation regarding your compliance or long-term care litigation concerns.

Corporate Compliance

Creating a Corporate Compliance Plan — Guidance From Fraud and Abuse Attorneys

Our staff provides comprehensive guidance during the completion of a corporate compliance plan and offers advice on a wide range of government regulatory issues, including:

-HIPAA privacy and security laws
-Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement law
-Healthcare fraud and abuse
-Healthcare reform laws
-Quality care and VBP

To help avoid expensive government sanctions, we offer a number of corporate compliance services, including:

-Assistance during the development of policies and procedures
-Training and educating
-Guidance on privacy and security
-Conducting internal audits

Whether you wish to create an initial compliance plan or a comprehensive strategy for protecting your operations, our staff will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the utmost protection possible.

Contact Our Office for Proactive Compliance Assistance

Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer the guidance you need to address the many compliance issues involved in the operation of your hospital, nursing home, long-term care company or medical clinic. By taking a proactive approach to your planning, we work to help you avoid future legal concerns and maintain compliance with all applicable government regulations and guidelines.