Cannabis Law

Cannabis law is a quickly emerging field of law that requires navigation by professionals acquainted with state regulations. States across the country have started embracing the use of medical marijuana, including Mississippi. In this time of change for Mississippi, look to Hagwood & Tipton’s health care attorneys for questions about cannabis.

Hagwood & Tipton’s health care attorneys are in the unique position to assist clients in navigating this complex area. Our health care attorneys work closely with the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure, Mississippi Board of Nursing, Mississippi Board of Pharmacy and Mississippi State Department of Health.

When cannabis businesses face challenges with state regulations, Hagwood & Tipton’s health care attorneys are available to provide guidance and advice regarding cannabis law. Physicians, medical clinics, distributors, processing facilities and others can rely on our health care attorneys for skilled and thorough assistance.

If you want to open a medical marijuana center or have questions about what the Mississippi cannabis laws mean for you, Hagwood & Tipton’s health care attorneys can help you sort out what you need.

What to Expect
On Nov. 3, 2020, Mississippi constituents passed a medical marijuana program through Initiative 65. Initiative 65 stemmed from a campaign that secured signatures from more than 228,000 Mississippians, and it was supported by doctors, law enforcement, veterans, religious leaders and others who believe those in Mississippi dealing with debilitating medical conditions should have access to medical marijuana.

After months of progress with the medical marijuana program, the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned the overwhelmingly supported Initiative 65. A technicality regarding the process the campaign took to obtain the required signatures caused the Mississippi Supreme Court to overturn Initiative 65. The campaign obtained signatures through the five congressional districts outlined in state law, not based on the four congressional districts determined by federal law. Not only did the Mississippi Supreme Court overturn Initiative 65, it also prohibited any additional ballot initiatives to take place until the law regarding the congressional districts is resolved by the Mississippi legislature.

Since the Mississippi legislature closed the Spring 2021 session without passing a “backup” medical marijuana program, Mississippi is in a state of limbo waiting for either the legislature to call a special session to challenge the Mississippi Supreme Court’s ruling on Initiative 65; establish a medical marijuana program through law; or change the law regarding congressional districts in Mississippi so citizens can place another medical marijuana program on the ballot.

The Mississippi Supreme Court’s ruling on Initiative 65 is not the end of the road for medical marijuana in Mississippi. Keep an eye out for big changes coming in the next several months. HAT Law is keeping track of the changes and will inform our clients as soon as possible.