Cannabis Law: General Information Overview from the Mississippi Department of Health

The Mississippi Department of Health is in the process of writing and implementing regulations for the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Program. Since February 2021, the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee has been meeting to discuss these regulations.

This advisory committee has stated several main objectives:

  1. Enable distribution of medical cannabis consistent with State Constitution.
  2. Protect vulnerable populations, such as youth and pregnant women.
  3. Mitigate community impact.
  4. Ensure compliance (prevent fraud/unintended effects).
  5. Develop a process to communicate with the public
  6. Prevent drug diversion.
  7. Prevent criminal involvement.
  8. Minimize equity issues.
  9. Prevent substance abuse/adverse consequences.
  10. Ensure fiscal sustainability.
  11. Ensure product safety.

The Mississippi Department of Health and the advisory committee have also released a tentative timeline.

MSDH Timeline

For more information, click here to view the informational slides from the experts at Hagwood and Tipton.