Lincoln County Voters Opt Into the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program

During a special election Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022, Lincoln County residents voted to allow medical cannabis dispensaries and other medical cannabis establishments in their county. The vote was close – 53.5% (1,387 votes) for allowing medical marijuana and 46.5% (1,203 votes) against allowing medical marijuana in Lincoln County.

The Lincoln County board of supervisors previously opted out of the program back in March 2022. However, the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act allows municipalities or counties to opt back into the medical cannabis program by: (1) gathering at least 1,500 signatures or (2) having 20% of the municipality’s or county’s population vote to allow it.

This goes to show that Mississippi residents want access to medical cannabis for those with qualifying, debilitating medical conditions. Several Mississippi municipalities and counties have opted out of the program; however, Lincoln County constituents may lead the way for other Mississippi voters to begin opting back in.

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