Cannabis Law: Mississippi Medical Marijuana Laboratories and Testing Facilities

On March 30, 2021, the Mississippi Department of Health filed the proposed regulations for the laboratory and testing facilities in the state’s medical marijuana program. These proposed regulations give insight to the requirements for these laboratories or testing facilities.

What is a testing facility?
A medical marijuana testing facility is defined by Mississippi regulations as any facility or entity that performs testing of medical marijuana and products. These facilities can acquire, possess, test and transport medical marijuana.

Mississippi medical marijuana testing facility requirements

The regulations state that all testing facilities or laboratories must be physically located within the state of Mississippi.

Application requirements
There are several requirements for the testing facility or laboratory application. It must include:

Ownership requirements
In order to own a testing facility or laboratory, an organization must be registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State as a cannabis-related business. The applicants must also submit:

Test results
In order to have proficient testing, the regulations state that the facility must have “satisfactory” test results regarding the analyte tested.

Operating procedures
These facilities must develop standard operating procedures regarding the facility’s method of obtaining the samples to be tested. The samples must be not less than 0.5% of the weight of the harvest batch, and they should not exceed 50 pounds.

The testing facilities must also develop a quality assurance program to assure the reliability and validity of the data produced from said facility.

Once a facility submits an application, the Mississippi Department of Health is allowed to enter and inspect the facility unannounced and to conduct proficiency testing.

Medical marijuana must remain out of the public view during transit, be secured at all times, and be temperature-controlled.

If a facility does not comply with these requirements, the Mississippi Department of Health may suspend the certification for said facility.

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