42 out of 50: Medical Cannabis is Here to Stay

The legalization of medical cannabis has picked up momentum in recent years. As of May 2023, 42 states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized some form of medical cannabis. Legalization ranges from Texas, which only allows CBD and low-THC cannabis, to South Dakota, which allows medical cardholders to grow their own plants at home. Some states, like Washington and Nevada, have gone as far as passing laws making it illegal for an employer to fire someone for failing a drug test due to cannabis use.

In just the first few months of 2023, Kentucky legislation passed a bill that legalized medical cannabis for qualified patients. With states like South Carolina and North Carolina having medical cannabis bills currently on the state senate floor, the legalization train does not seem to be losing steam.

Each month, there are new developments in the medical cannabis industry, especially in states that have yet to adopt medical cannabis programs and states whose cannabis programs are still in their early stages, such as Mississippi and Alabama.

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